санскрит в Украине

Sanskrit for beginners

Grammar part
Topic of the lesson
Number of weeks
alphabet structure - phonemes and morphemes, dictionaries and ligatures, reading and listening
vowel sandhi, external sandhi between words, consonant sandhi and visarga sandhi
morphology and word-formation
Primary suffixes: 9 noun suffixes, 5 participle suffixes, infinitive and participle suffixes. Secondary suffixes and prefixes.

Organizational details of the classes


02.05.2024 — start of the course

This Sanskrit course is designed for beginners.

I plan to have group classes once a week – on Thursdays at 19:30 pm online.

The cost of participation in the main group is 80 euros/month.

Education flow

Each lesson consists of learning the theory and mastering exercises for independent work.

You will receive the theory and exercises in the form of workbooks (printed if you are in Ukraine or as a pdf file if you are abroad).

The learning of Sanskrit takes place when the student does the exercises.

I check all homework and give feedback.

Access to video recordings of all lessons.

Sanskrit learning period

You can choose the length of the course to take:

• 1th month – Sanskrit alphabet.

• 2th month – Sandhi.

• 3d-4th month- morphology and words creating.

• 2 years in total — full course of Sanskrit grammar.

Since 2017, I have been studying Sanskrit with teachers from Ukraine, Germany, and India.

My teachers are Vagish Shastri, Andrii Safronov, Nataliia Likhushyna, Edgar Leiten, and Sadananda Das.

In 2018, I began to develop my own methodology for teaching Sanskrit and am currently teaching according to it.

I translate yoga primary sources together with my colleagues from the Sanskrit in UA project.

In 2022, I entered the University of Leipzig, where I continue to translate texts in an academic context.